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Parish Newsletter 21st October 2018

Twenty-Ninth Sunday In Ordinary Time


Christmas Bazaar
The Parish Christmas Bazaar takes place on Saturday 24th November.  Draw tickets at 50p each (£5.00 per book of 10) are available from the Parish Office.
1st Prize — £1000.00
2nd Prize— £500.00  
3rd Prize— £250.00
Pleae pick up your draw tickets and
. . . . .sell as many as you can!
Does anyone have an original, sparkling ideas for the Bazaar.
If so, would you like to organise a stall? 
If the answer is yes, please contact Jackie on 07930757778 or leave your details in the Parish Office as soon as possible and we will get back to you to discuss your ideas!.
Additionally any donations of bottles, especially wine or gifts that you would be happy to donate (no toys or books, please) could be handed in over the next few weeks for our stalls. These would be very gratefully received and could go a long way to making our Bazaar better than ever!!

Feast of St. Anthony Claret
On Wednesday 24th October, commencing at 1.00pm the film ’Pay it Forward’ will be shown in the main hall followed by Afternoon Tea.  Tickets at £2.50 for this event are on sale this weekend from the Parish office. The 7.30pm Mass will be followed by a reception.  All invited.
New Group for Yr7+
A new group has been formed for Year 7 children and above with their parents to get together on a Friday evening once a month. The idea  is to meet socially and to keep in touch with friends. 
Following a successful first meeting the group will meet in the Community Centre from 6.45—7.45pm.  The next meeting will be next Friday 26th October.  If you are interested please contact Teresa Thornton or just come along on the evening.
Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary are inviting children and their families to join them for 15 minutes on Wednesday 31st October to pray the Rosary in Honour of Our Lady. 
World Mission Sunday
This weekend there will be a Diocesan Mandatory Holy See World Mission Sunday collection, please be as generous as you can.  Thank you.
Friends of the Homeless
Soup  makers needed to make up packet soup on a Friday, late afternoon - everything provided; collect items during the week and return made up by 6.45pm, so will need transport. Please ring Elaine on 07986 117145 for further information, it would only be 6/7 times a year.  Thank you.
Society of St Vincent de Paul
A huge thank you to all who kindly contribute so generously to our monthly collections.  We are solely reliant on your generosity, without which we would not be able to administer the financial and practical support that is so needed. 
Thank you again and God Bless you.  
In Memoriam
The funeral of Maureen Walsh RIP will take place on Monday 22nd October at 12.15pm. Please remember Maureen and her family in your prayers.
Bible Diaries
Bible Diaries for 2019 are available for purchase from the repository in the Parish Office priced at £3.00 &  £5.00  Buy early while stocks last. 
Jackson's Jams
Roy Jackson is continuing with his jam making but is in urgent need of jam jars.  If you can help, please leave any you may have in the Parish Office.
Thank you.
Parish Newsletter
The weekly parish newsletter is now being sent by email to all those parishioners who are on the database with an email address. In some instances the email address is incorrect or has been misread. 
In order to correct any errors, you may receive a phone call from the parish office with a request to confirm your email address. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter by email please let us know.  
Parish Bulletin
The Autumn edition of the Parish Bulletin is on sale today from the Parish Office at £1.00 per copy. 
Lost Items
If you have lost or mislaid any items e.g. umbrellas, keys, handbags, rosaries, missals etc, in the Church or around the grounds, please enquire in the Parish Office as there are a number of such items which have been handed in over the past few weeks.  
Parish Repository
A good selection of Rosaries, Prayer books and Baptism gifts and cards are available to buy from the Repository in the Parish Office or at the back of the Church.

End of Summertime
A reminder that the clocks go back one hour next weekend to mark the end of British Summertime.
Tea & Coffee
Tea & Coffee are served in the foyer of the Main Hall every Sunday from 9.00am to 12 noon. An opportunity to meet friends and catch up on the week’s events.

 Anniversaries for this week:

· Thelma Fairlie
· Sam Fahy
· Patrick Barker

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace.  Amen.