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Parish Newsletter 21st May 2017

Sixth Sunday Of Easter


Saturday 10th June11am - 4pm 


 First prize—£1,500.00
Second prize—£500.00
Third prize— £250.00
Tickets are available from the Parish Office at 50p a ticket or £2.50 a book.
We are asking you to take books of tickets and sell as many as you can. When the counterfoils and money are returned, the total number sold by individuals will be recorded and two prizes will be awarded for the most tickets sold.
The theme of the Fete this year is
‘Nations United’
and we are asking parishioners to come along wearing their own traditional national dress or costume with a prize being given for the best traditional costume worn. 
Maybe you could form a group to perform a traditional dance or song—think about it!
Watch this space for more details/information about this popular annual event. 

Legion of Mary
During the month of May, the Legion of Mary will recite the Rosary each Wednesday at 3.45pm (after school) in the Church.  We are inviting children and their families to join us for 15 minutes on the 24th to pray the Rosary in Honour of Our Lady.
First Holy Communion Programme.
The children who are preparing for their First Holy Communion will soon receive the Body and Blood of Christ. So, we cordially invite all our parishioners to attend the next Masses.
The official First Holy Communion Masses are as follows:
· Sunday 21st May at 12:00,
· Saturday 27th May at 12:00
· Sunday 28th May at 12:00.
Please pray and support our children and all the families involved in this journey of faith.
Gift Aid Envelopes
The new style Gift Aid envelopes should now be in use.  If you have not received yours, there are still some waiting collection in the Parish Office. 
Photographer required
An experienced photographer required for Deacon Michael Chima’s Ordination.  If you are able to assist in this event please contact the Parish Office for more details.
In Memoriam
The funeral of Con O’Regan RIP will take place on Monday 5th June 2017 at 12.15pm.  Please remember Con and his family in your prayers.
Eucharistic Ministers
The next meeting for Eucharistic Ministers will take place on Monday 22nd May at 8.00pm in the Upper Room. All Eucharistic Ministers are requested to attend. Thank you.
Donation from ASDA
Many thanks to ASDA for their donation of £500.00.  Thanks also to you, the parishioners, for shopping at ASDA and making this donation possible.
Friends of the Homeless
The Friends of the Homeless ask that you please continue with your supply of food, donations etc for the London run on a Friday evening as without your support we would find it difficult to continue.
Bible Study Group
The Bible Study group takes place every Wednesday from 8.00—9.00pm in the Claret Room.
You are all most welcome to join with us and learn more about the Word of God and share God’s experience as a living witness to Christ and the people of God.
Douay Martyrs School
Message received from the school:-
“We the Douay Martyrs Catholic School Community would like to thank the parish for the wonderful welcome we received last weekend.  We are also deeply grateful for your support, your encouragement and for your generosity as an amazing £1,154.00 was raised. 
The following prizes from last weeks students raffle can be claimed from the parish office—please check your tickets!
Nivea Men's Set—Yellow Tkt 161-165
                            Serial No. AB965510
Pendant Necklace—White Tkt 11—15
                            Serial No. AB305066
Pink Earrings—Yellow Tkt 96-100
                          Serial No.  AB 965510
Glenfiddich—White Tkt 66-70
                           Serial No. AB 305066
Bottle of wine—Pink Tkt 241-245
                          Serial No. AB 273747
Sliver earrings—Yellow Tkt 41-45
                            Serial No AB 965510
Chocolates—Pink Tkt 286-290
                            Serial No AB 273747
 Anniversaries for this week

· Ponciano Silvestre
· Colin Deighton
· Kathleen Foley
· Charles Onyekweli
· Doreen Ferriera
· Mary Clavin 

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, Rest in PeaceAmen.