Parish of the Immaculate heart of Mary

HCPT Group

We are newly launched HCPT (Handicapped Children?s Pilgrimage Trust) group within the Hayes/Hillingdon area.


The ultimate aim of our Group is to take children between the ages of 7 ? 18 years on an Annual pilgrimage to Lourdes in France at Easter.


The group is made up of:


  -   teachers,

  -   learning assistant support workers,

  -   painters,

  -   other professionals


They are all committed to the ethos of HCPT and actively give up their own time to support and enhance the lives of children who are disabled or are socially deprived.


Our recent fundraising events have included:


  -   Raffles

  -   High Society Ball

  -   Rock ?n? Roll Night

  -   Sponsored Swim

  -   Christmas Wrap


Our next fundraising event!!!


Celebrate your Christmas event with us on Saturday 2nd December with ?Mixed Company? at Hillingdon Manor School ? Tickets ?5 (light buffet provided). Playing all kinds of music


How can you help?


  -   We have many more fundraising events coming up over the next couple of months if you would be interested in hearing more about them please use the contacts below.


  -   Support your local group and get involved if you want to become a helper or supporter of the group. (see contact details below).  We?re waiting to hear from you!


  -   Promote the fundraising events at your workplace, school, church.


  -   If you are looking for a charity to support or want to donate prizes or equipment maybe you would consider HCPT Group 128 as all the money raised will go to the children which we take on our pilgrimage. Please use the contacts below.


Key contacts are:

Marie-Clair Goswell, Group Leader            

Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Deputy Group Leader

Anne Coakley, Group Nurse & Secretary         


Meeting Location

Hillingdon Manor School


Dates of next HCPT meetings

To be confirmed