Parish of the Immaculate heart of Mary

Society of St Vincent de Paul

Its main aim is to encourage its members to lead a good Christian life and to help those in need.  Priority is given to visiting the sick and the lonely.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a lay organisation founded in France in 1983 by Blessed Frederic Ozanam.  The needy are not measured by the lack of money.  There is poverty of health, loneliness, bereavement, mental disturbance - all of which claim compassionate befriending.  Members have to be sympathetic and utterly discreet.

The members meet weekly in a spirit of mutual affection and equality to discuss special works in hand.  No vows or promises are taken by members.  Members must be prepared to give a little spare time to the needy; in return members find work rewarding and worthwhile.

Who is eligible to join?
Men and women of all ages and from all Christian denominations.

Days/Times/Places of Meetings:
Tuesday evenings at 8.00pm in the Claret Room, Botwell House.

Principal Officer & Contact:
Owen Collins