Parish of the Immaculate heart of Mary


To share faith with both young and old in order to nurture and develop an already existing Christian Faith.   To share an understanding of faith and help believers along their journey of faith.

Who is eligible to become a catechist?
Men and women from the age of 14 who practice their faith.    'Training'/Reflection - help and guidance given.   For those who wish to extend their training, attendance at courses can be arranged, e.g. Courses offered by Diocesan Catechetical Advisors and certificate courses in religious studies/catechetics.   A retreat once a year when possible. 

Qualities required:
A willingness to share one"s faith as expressed in the Catholic tradition; an ability to communicate with either children or adults in groups of 6 or 8.  (Theology degrees not a requirement!) To give some time to prayer.

Current opportunities:
  Children's Liturgy:  Sundays during the 10.00am Mass.
     R.E. for children who do not attend Catholic Schools - fortnightly sessions.
     Baptism preparation for parents and godparents of infants (under5's): a series of 2 sessions, either Monday evenings or Saturday afternoons at various times of the year.
     First Communion and First Reconciliation preparation - approximately October to May (about 15 sessions in total).
     Confirmation preparation - fortnightly, Sunday or Thursday evenings (about 12 sessions in total).
     Marriage Preparation - a series of 3 evenings at various times of the year.
     RCIA/CIC - The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults - June to July, then September/October to Pentecost - Wednesday evenings weekly.

[CIC  Christian Initiation of Children (aged 6 and upwards)]  September / October.

Future Opportunities:
      Special Needs - to offer catechetical sessions for children/adults with special educational needs.
      Ongoing opportunities to explore Faith matters
      Passing on Faith in the Family
      Adult Confirmation

Numbers required:
Each year, approximately 50 catechists are needed for catechetical work to run smoothly and not be too burdensome, particularly with regard to working with our young people.

Helpers/support Team:
There are many ancillary tasks associated with catechetics e.g. setting up rooms, administration, celebration booklets, providing creche facilities during meetings, artwork, setting up the church for celebrations, among others.

All offers of help and enquiries to the Director of Catechetics:
Clare (through Parish Office)