Parish of the Immaculate heart of Mary

Parish Pastoral Team

L to R: Fr Paul Smyth cmf (Parish Priest),  Fr. Anthony Arocklam cmf (Superior)

 Fr John O'Byrne cmf - Assistant Priest   Fr Bijoy Nayak Chandra cmf -assistant priest 
L to R: Fr John O'Byrne cmf , Fr Bijoy Nayak cmf, Fr Gerald Ezekwere cmf, Deacon U. Michael Chima cmf

   Bridget-General Parish Assistant  Michael-Parish Adminstrator
L to R: Bridget -General Parish Assistant, Michael Bagness -  Parish Administrator & Daniel Ortiz - Pastoral Assitant.
Our Parish is in the Pastoral Care of the Claretian Missionaries. The Claretians have taken pastoral care of the parish since it was first established in 1912.