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“…serve one other with whatever gift each of you has received.”

– 1 Peter 4:10

WRCDT – Charity Number 233699


Pic 1“…all things come from you, and of your own have we given you.”

-1 Chronicles 29 : 14

All we have comes from God, so we are His Stewards


Whether it is the gift of our faith, our friends and family, our skills, possessions, or the gift of life itself!

So how do I respond? Do I give thanks to God and honour Him through how I use these gifts? Regularly reflecting on my blessings and renewing my commitment to the Faith through my giving is therefore an important part of my personal spiritual growth and discipleship.

Whenever we give, we grow each time we:


  • Joyfully recall that all we have comes from God;
  • Declare our trust in His provision and care;
  • Take one step forward in our personal faith journey;
  • Share in the joy of giving and seeing the amazing fruits it brings.

Time, Treasure, Talents

pic 2Each one of us is blessed with a unique portion of time, treasure and talents that God wants us to use and share with others for His glory. Our parish would not function without the generosity of our parishioners volunteering their time and talents and sharing their financial blessings.

“…give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”

                    – 2 Corinthians 9:7

What does the parish mean to me?


  • A caring community
  • A place to meet people
  • A source of spiritual nourishment
  • The church where my family celebrates important family moments
  • An opportunity to use my gifts and talents to help others
  • A place that helps people in need
  • A place to pray
  • A call to personal and spiritual growth

The parish means different things to different people.  To offer all these services, the Parish depends on the generosity of each of its members to provide the resources that are required. Some people mistakenly believe that we receive funding from the Vatican or the diocese.  The reality is that our Parish relies on offertory collections and people volunteering their time to maintain and grow our mission.

What you decide to give is personal to you. Traditionally, communities of the faithful tithed, giving 10% of their income. Some like to break this down into ‘5 and 5’:

  • 5 hours of volunteering a month
  • 5% of their income.

At Botwell we realise that many of our members are unable to contribute at such a high level. Traditionally we have asked people to make a commitment to give two hours a week to the parish communityIf in paid employment one of those hours would be one hour of their income, gift aided so taxes that have been paid can be reclaimed at no extra cost to the donor.

If we could meet this goal, we would be in a much better place for looking after our facilities and offering a wider range of services for our community.

As Stewards of this parish, we are each responsible for the upkeep of our parish, with a duty to pass it on to future generations in even better condition than when we received it. Whatever you decide, the amount should suit your circumstances and be meaningful to you. 

Pic 3The late Cardinal Basil Hume suggested we consider offering our first hour’s pay to God each week.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

We have been blessed here at Botwell, by the generosity of those who have gone before us, withbot hse these wonderful facilities. During the last few years during my time as Parish Priest I have been aware that our financial situation is not as rosy as many of our Parishioners think. If it wasn’t for one significant bequest of £103,000 that we received in 2018 from a parishioner, we would be in debt because our expenses usually exceed our income each year. I have delayed bringing this information to your attention previously because I was aware of how many of you have been giving so generously to the Cardinal’s ‘Growing in Faith’ campaign for the Diocese. This has now come to an end and I feel that I need to share with you important information about our present reality here at Botwell. Next week we will be presenting you with last year’s financial information which you will be able to take away and reflect on.

Looking to the future there is much we could be doing to strengthen our community and be a real beacon of Christ’s hope in a world where people feel overwhelmed and disempowered. We also need to maintain and renovate our buildings in which our social facilities alone have a projected cost of 1.2 million.

Then on the first weekend in October we will be asking you to make a decision about what you feel you can contribute to the upkeep of our community both in terms of your weekly offering and your participation in the life of the community through sharing your gifts and talents.

Thank you for your generosity,

Father Paul

If you have any questions, please ask a volunteer after Mass or contact:

Parish Priest:     Fr Paul Smyth CMF

Address:               Botwell House, Botwell Lane,

                                 Hayes, UB3 2AB

Tel:                         020 8573 2544

Email:                    hayes@rcdow.org.uk


Our Address:

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