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“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.”

– 1 Peter 4:10

WRCDT – Charity Number 233699


Our Parish of The Immaculate Heart of Mary


church picturehas a rich history as the spiritual centre in the lives of many. As Stewards responsible for the gifts received from God, we must look after our beautiful church & pass it on to future generations in excellent condition.


Like any household, our parish has to:

>     Cover day-to-day running costs.

>     Pay for building costs & repairs.

>     Support Parish Programmes and Projects.

>     Save 20% of our income for emergency repairs & future projects.

How we operated in 2018 –

numbers rounded to nearest 100


Offertories Envelopes£54,200Salary to Claretians£7,500
Offertories Sos£18,100Heat, Light, Water & Council Tax & Insurance£34,000
Offertories Loose Plate£67,200Diocesan Levy£51,900
Tax Refunds£14,600Parish administration£94,600
General Donations & Fund Raising, Specific donations£1,200Parish Ministry*£6,900
Christmas/ Easter Offerings, Stipends, Fees£2,900Liturgical Expense£5,300
Parish Activities & Catechetics£14,700Parish activities & Catechetics£6,600
Repository, Paper & Candles£39,600Repository, paper & Candles£15,900
Parish Centre Revenue£38,300Parish Centre Expenses£14,400
Rents from Functional Properties£5,800Property repairs and renewals£15,300
(£) Savings 2018:£4,200(£) Savings 2018:2%

* Includes travel expenses, Donations, supply priests, deanery expenses

Growing in Faith£41,800

Thanks for your support, our church and parish buildings are in good condition, having spent xxxx pounds in the last xxxx years on necessary repairs, maintenance, and building work.

In the future we wish to invest in the life of our parish by starting projects for xxxx to refurbish the pastoral centre.

But did you know that we would like to be able to…..


Organise courses and training for adult faith development

Improve the quality of the singing in our liturgies

Improve our ability to be more respectful of the environment

Offer more activities for our youth

Upgrade our facilities

Organise more retreats and opportunities for spiritual growth.

Develop more pastoral programmes to respond to the needs of the world today

Provide more services to help our members

Provide opportunites for people to improve their English

Offer more activities for our older members

giftaidGift Aid is easy to do, doesn’t cost you a penny and helps our parish!

  • 42% of donations were Gift Aided in 2018 – if all donations were Gift Aided the parish would receive an extra £20,600 from Gift Aid returns.
  • Last year, 259 (15%) out of 1682 parishioners Gift Aided.
  • If you pay UK income or capital gains tax please sign up to Gift Aid.

Gift Aid allows us to receive an extra 25p for every £1 you donate!

you can make a difference picA standing Order is the best way to support our parish!

This provides secure, regular income that is easy to Gift Aid & costs less time & money to process than envelope & loose plate.

Sign up next week –

all you need is your account number & sort code.

Stained glass

Please reflect upon the following:

  • How am I using my time, talents and financial resources to help my parish community faithfully respond to God’s call to love one another and help the most needy?
  • Is my financial contribution to the parish appropriate to what i can afford?
  • Is there more i can do to participate in our community’s efforts to build God’s kingdom here in Hayes.
  • Do I give regularly, using a standing order or weekly envelopes?
  • Do I give efficiently, using Gift Aid if I pay UK tax, to ensure that my parish gets the most out of my contributions?

Next week you will be able to:

  • Sign uo to Gift Aid your donations if you pay UK tax.
  • Make your offering by Standing Order (you will need your debit card)
  • Review & renew the amount you currently give.

If you have any questions, please ask a volunteer after Mass or contact:

Parish Priest:   Fr Paul Smyth CMF

Address:               Botwell House, Botwell Lane,

                                 Hayes, UB3 2AB

Tel:                         020 8573 2544

Email:                    hayes@rcdow.org.uk

Website:               www.botwell.org.uk


Our Address:

Botwell House,
Botwell Lane
Hayes. Middlesex

Tel: 020 8573 2544

E-mail: hayes@rcdow.org.uk

Contact us: