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Botwell 2021 – Rules of 5 A Side Football Tournament

FootballFive a side football is played in much the same way as regular football but with a few changes that are necessary for playing a smaller scale game. Five a side football is a fastmoving game played for a shorter period time than full size football. For our Parish 5 a side football tournament each game will last ten minutes each half.

During the tournament games, players should wear trainers and not traditional studded boots, although shin pads should still be worn.

The 5 a side football team
The five a side football team is made up of four outfield players and a goalkeeper. The team can be set out as two forwards, two defenders and one goalkeeper, or perhaps goalkeeper, one defender, two midfield players and one forward player. The goalkeeper should wear something to distinguish him or her from the other 5 a side team members.

The rules of 5 a side football

  • The choice of playing ends will be decided by tossing a coin.
  • When beginning a game of five a side football, the ball will be dropped by the referee into the centre circle between one player from each side, both of whom should stand no closer than 0.91metres (3ft) from the centre mark. After each goal scored, play should be restarted in the same way.
  • Headers are not allowed in five a side football and the ball should not be played above head height. If this rule is infringed a free kick should be awarded to the opposing team.
  • If a goalkeeper inadvertently kicks or throws the ball above head height in 5 a side football, the game should be restarted with a roll in corner awarded to the opposing team.
  • There are no indirect free kicks allowed in five a side football. All kicks are free kicks which means that it permissible to score directly from the free kick.
  • In five a side football, the goalkeeper is the only player allowed in the goal area, and if defending players enter this area, or the goalkeeper leaves it, a penalty is awarded to the opposing team.
  • There is no offside rule in 5 a side football.
  • Sliding tackles are not allowed.
  • When five a side football is played on a pitch without barriers surrounding the playing area, the opposing side uses a kick rather than a throw in if the ball goes out of play.
  • The normal rules of football apply to the goalkeeper when receiving back passes, that is, the goalkeeper must kick the ball back into play and not handle it. If the goalkeeper handles the ball in 5 a side this way, the opposing team is awarded a free kick to be taken 2 metres from outside the goal area (penalty box)
  • Players have to remain at 2 metres distance from the player with possession of the ball, in 5 a side football, when taking penalties, free kicks, corners etc.
  • When taking a penalty, the player is not allowed to take more than two steps.
  • Up to three substitutions can be made in a game of 5 a side football.

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